Garcinia Cambogia on Dr. Oz

Garcinia Cambogia is the newest diet product to make a splash in the weight loss world, much in part due to Dr. Oz. In a recent show, he featured Garcinia Cambogia as a “new revolutionary fat burner.” Here’s what he had to say about garcinia cambogia:

First, Dr. Oz interviewed Harry Preuss, a medical researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center. Preuss is at the forefront of the research surrounding garcinia cambogia. Preuss explained that garcinia cambogia provides steady fat loss without causing wasting (muscle loss). This is the ideal type of weight loss because muscle mass burns more calories than fat each day and muscle mass is an important part of our overall health.

Another prominent researcher, Dr. Rich Scheckenbach also described how powerful garcinia can be. Scheckenbach explained that garcinia blocks an enzyme in our body called citric lyase, which converts carbohydrates into fat cells. Since the body cannot store fat, it instead starts burning fat, which is how you can lose weight with garcinia.

On his show, Dr. Oz brought on weight loss expert Julie Chen, MD to discuss whether garcinia cambogia is a viable solution for weight loss. Chen explained that in the clinical studies available, researchers found that participants who took garcinia cambogia increased their weight loss rates two to three times what they would have naturally lost without taking garcinia.

Dr. Oz explained that garcinia has been around for thousands of years and has been used by many cultures in their daily cuisines. Therefore, Dr. Oz said he felt more comfortable about the safety of garcinia cambogia.

Chen later explained that along with the ability to block new fat storage, garcinia also is an effective appetite suppressant – especially for emotional eaters. Garcinia Cambogia has the ability to increase serotonin levels, which are responsible for controlling mood and appetite. By raising serotonin levels, garcinia cambogia can help manage stress levels and prevent binge and emotional eating, which plagues so many adults.

Dr. Oz also explained that there seems to be a connection between garcinia cambogia and the stress hormone cortisol. As cortisol levels increase, the amount of fat we store also increases. By keeping levels of cortisol down, your body will not store any new fat as well.

To reap the benefits of Garcinia cambogia, Dr. Oz recommends you take 500mgs about 35-45 minutes before each meal. You need to make sure you find a supplement that contains at least 50% HCA extract. HCA is the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia and will provide you with the weight loss you desire.

Based upon the facts and Dr. Oz’s recommendation, garcinia cambogia is definitely a supplement you should consider if you want to lose weight. We recommend you look into buying Garcinia Pure – the #1 rated Garcinia supplement. Each capsule of Garcinia Pure contains 500mgs of 50% HCA extract as recommended by Dr. Oz and used in the studies.

Jeff Lancing

Jeff is a life long advocate for Garcinia Cambogia and has been writing about its endless benefits for years.

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